Australian Association Of Consulting Archaeologists Inc

Associate Archaeology Members

Associate Members generally have less experience or are less qualified than Full Members. They are available to assist in consulting work or may undertake independent consultancies appropriate to their experience or expertise. They may be recent graduates with little or no experience in consulting work, or archaeologists with considerable expertise. Under the AACAI Constitution, members who have been Associate Members for more than five years are expected to apply for Full Membership status, but Associates may apply for Full Membership after two years.

Wayne Beck

Arabian Place
Black River 4064 QLD

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Stefani Blackmore

Environmental Resources Management Australia
34 Dudley Street
Sherwood 4075 QLD

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Chelsea Jones

NGH Environmental
Suite 4, level 587 Wickham
Terrace Spring Hill QLD

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MADDEN, Alyssa
Alyssa Madden

Red Leaf Environmental

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MATTHEWS, Jacqueline
Jacqueline Matthews

Cultural Heritage Management Australia
Brisbane QLD

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Michael Williams

George Bourne & Associates
67 Boree Street
Barcaldine 4725 QLD

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