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Full Archaeology Members

Full Members have expertise, consultancy experience and/or qualifications in one or more of three related fields of Australian archaeology. This is a list of specialists in Indigenous archaeology. Indigenous archaeology is the archaeology of the Indigenous peoples of Australia and Torres Strait. It extends from the earliest records of Indigenous people in Australia, c.50,000 years ago, up to and throughout the historical period, and some Indigenous specialists may also be experts in the archaeology of European-Indigenous contact.

LANCE, Allan
Allan Lance

Heritage Consulting Australia Pty Ltd
GPO Box 2677

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LANE, Sharon
Sharon Lane

Qu.A.C. Archaeology and Heritage / Alliance archaeology
Brisbane St

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Martin Lawler

Biosis Pty Ltd
PO Box 489
Port Melbourne 3207 VIC

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Fiona Leslie

Mountains Heritage
92 Douglas Street
Springwood 2777 NSW

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LEVER, Michael
Michael Lever

94/120 Saunders Street
Pyrmont 2009 NSW

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LOVELL, Chris O.
Chris O. Lovell

Essential Heritage Pty Ltd
11 Storie Street
Red Hill 4059 QLD

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