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Member Profiles: Peter Veth

VETH, Peter

VETH, Peter

The University of Western Australia
Crawley WA 6009
P: 0864881807
F: 08 6488 1023
M: 0408094607
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Anywhere; anytime
* BA (Hons), University of Western Australia
* PhD (with special congratulations), University of Western

Professional Associations and Positions

Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc.
President, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. (1991-1992; 2000-2003)
Member, Australian Archaeological Association Inc.
Member, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Member, Society for American Archaeology


  • Site Survey
  • Site Recording
  • Excavation


  • Site Survey
  • Site Recording
  • Excavation

Special Fields

  • CONTACT ARCHAEOLOGY - site survey, site recording, excavation
  • Lithic analysis
  • Excavation and environmental analysis
  • Photography
  • Arid zone archaeology
  • Northern Australia
  • Torres Strait
  • Great Barrier Reef

Consulting Experience

The majority of these studies have involved archaeological survey, mitigation planning, salvage and management. A considerable number of expert Native Title reports have been prepared for federal courts since 1992. Research and/or mitigation has been carried out on a range of site types (including rockshelters with occupation deposit, engravings, middens, open camp sites, quarries, Aboriginal historic and contact sites and a range of regional maritime assemblages). Several large regional management studies have been completed for rock art provinces, Aboriginal occupation sites and Aboriginal contact sites). The majority of work has been carried out in the arid zone of Western Australia and South Australia - with focus on the Western Desert, the Pilbara and the Goldfields. Extensive fieldwork has also been conducted in the Kimberleys, central Australia, Queensland, Torres Strait, East Timor, Island South East Asia and the remote Pacific. National Heritage Listing and Outstanding Universal Value assessments and reports have been completed for State and Federal Governments.

Selected Publications

1) Harrison, R., Veth, P. and J. McDonald eds 2005 Native Title and Archaeology. Australian Aboriginal Studies 2005/1. AIATSIS, Canberra.
2) O’Connor, S., Spriggs, M. and P. Veth eds 2005 The Archaeology of The Aru Islands, Maluku Province. Terra Australis. The Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National University, Canberra.
3) O’Connor, S. and P. Veth eds 2000 East of Wallace’s Line: Studies of Past and Present Maritime Cultures in the Indo-Pacific Region. Modern Quaternary Research in South East Asia 16: V-VI. A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam.
4) Taylor, L. and P. Veth eds 2008 Art and Identity. Australian Aboriginal Studies. AIATSIS, Canberra.
5) Veth, P.M. 1993 Islands in the Interior: The Dynamics of Prehistoric Adaptations Within the Arid Zone of Australia. International Monographs in Prehistory. Archaeological Series 3. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
6) Veth, P.M. and G. Hamm 1989 The Archaeological Significance of the Lower Cooper Creek. Monograph for the Lake Eyre Basin Project (Directors Peter Sutton and Ronald Lampert) South Australian Museum, Adelaide.
7) Veth, P. and P. Hiscock eds 1996 Archaeology of Northern Australia: Regional Perspectives. Tempus Archaeology and Material Culture Studies in Anthropology No. 4, Anthropology Museum The University of Queensland, St Lucia.
8) Veth, P., Aplin, K., Wallis, L., Manne, T., Pulsford, T. and A. Chappell 2007 Late Quaternary Foragers on Arid Coastlines: Archaeology of the Montebello Islands, Northwest Australia. British Archaeological Reviews. International Series. Oxford.
9) Veth, P., Smith, M. and P. Hiscock 2005 Desert Peoples: Archaeological Perspectives. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.
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11) McDonald, J. and P. Veth 2012 Companion to Rock Art. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.

A full curriculum vitae is available on request