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M: 0488 097 916
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* Assoc. Dip. Rural Techniques (QAC)
* BA Hons 1 (UNE)
* Dip. Ed. (UNE)
* PhD (UNE)

Professional Associations and Positions

Australasian Society of Historical Archaeology
Australasian Society for Human Biology
Australian Archaeological Association
Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists
Royal Society of New South Wales
World Archaeological Congress

Special Fields

  • Human skeletal remains including, exhumation, analysis, rehabilitation, and re-burial.
  • Teaching archaeology and cultural heritage management.
  • Training/mentoring CH field officers in archaeological field techniques.
  • Facilitating contact and the nurturing of meaningful working relationships between proponents and Traditional Owners.
  • Coastal archaeology
  • Semi-arid zone archaeology
  • Fauna analysis
  • Midden analysis
  • Rudimentary lithic analysis

Consulting Experience

Graham has been involved in Australian archaeology since 1985, through museum curation, university study/research, tutoring, and (part time) lecturing at tertiary level. Since 1992 he has been active in commercial consulting and cultural heritage management as manager of over 100 projects
and assisting/back-up archaeologist for (as many as) 100 others. Graham has worked alongside a broad range of interest groups including many groups within the Aboriginal community (particularly within Qld.), government agencies and departments, mining companies, infrastructure construction
companies, specialist interest groups, landowners, and regional developers.

Adoption of a considered, concerted and respectful approach to relationship building has always been paramount.

Graham specialises in Indigenous archaeological survey and pre-construction area inspections, site significance assessment, archaeological site recording/mapping, site mitigation, and management
planning. He provides technical advice on archaeological issues and/or constraints, carries out scientific excavations (with associated assemblage analysis), human skeletal exhumations and reburials(when required or requested) and community consultations. Graham also advises on postanalysis curation and storage.

Selected Publications

Knuckey, G. (1999) A shell midden at Clybucca, near Kempey, New South Wales. Australian Archaeology 48, 1-11

Knuckey, G. and K. Kippen (1992) The archaeology of Stonehenge – a preliminary report. Queensland Archaeological Research 9, 17-25

Knuckey, G. (1992) Patterns of fracture upon Aboriginal crania from the recent past. Proceedings of the Australasian Society for Human Biology 5, 47-58