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Diana has completed a PhD from the University of New South Wales in Biological Anthropology and Archaeology in 2008.
Diana graduated from the University of Sydney (USYD) in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree, majoring in Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology. Her undergraduate degree majored in Pacific Archaeology culminating in a dissertation on Polynesian archaeology.

Professional Associations and Positions

Full Member Australian Archaeological Consulting Association Inc (AACAI)
Member Australian Archaeological Association (AAA)
Member Australian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA)
Professional Member Australian Institute of Management


  • Site Survey
  • Site Recording
  • Excavation

Consulting Experience

For the last fifteen years Diana has been involved in both Historical and Indigenous archaeology throughout Australia. Diana has directed a number of Aboriginal archaeological salvage and test excavations and supervised a number of historical archaeological excavation. Diana has been involved with the survey, monitoring, artefact analysis, management planning and auditing of numerous sites involving both indigenous and historical components within NSW, Victoria and Western Australia. Diana regularly undertakes community consultation in relation to her Indigenous archaeological work throughout Australia. Diana also works in Papua New Guinea undertaking archaeological impact assessments and social consulting projects.

Selected Publications

Neuweger. D, P. White and W. Ponder 2001. Land Snails from Norfolk Island Sites. In The Prehistoric Archaeology of Norfolk Island, Southwest Pacific. The records of the Australian Museum, Supplement 27.