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Ascot Vale VIC 3032
P: 0488 002141
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BA Hons (Archaeology and History, University of Western Australia)
PhD in the Field of Archaeology (University of Queensland)

Professional Associations and Positions

AACAI, Full Member
Australian Archaeological Association (AAA), member
Society for American Archaeology (SAA), member


  • Site Survey
  • Site Recording
  • Excavation

Special Fields

  • Ceramic analysis
  • Aboriginal community consultation, large scale archaeological salvage, Cultural Heritage Management Plans

Consulting Experience

Dan is an experienced consultant and research archaeologist who has coordinated archaeological projects across Australia, Canada and Central America. Dan’s diverse archaeological experience enables him to finely tailor cultural heritage management solutions to project requirements. Committed to consultative stakeholder and community engagement, Dan maintains excellent working relationships with Traditional Owner communities and a strong understanding of the diverse methodologies of archaeological survey, excavation and salvage. With a comprehensive knowledge of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 and Regulations 2007, Dan can provide expert advice and expedient preparation of high quality reports and cultural heritage management plans (CHMPs). Dan’s breadth of experience in cultural resource management in Australia and western Canada contribute to trouble-free logistical and project management. Moreover, Dan is committed to providing best practice heritage management and seeks to integrate social (ethnoarchaeological) and cognitive archaeological approaches into his work. Dan’s current concern is ensuring scientific outcomes respond to and inform community heritage goals in Australian cultural heritage management.

Dan has also undertaken extensive archaeological research and excavation focused on the pre-Maya occupation of Copan, Honduras for his doctoral thesis (University of Queensland, 2008). Across his career, he has encountered Aboriginal heritage in previously undocumented mountain areas of Australia, 3000 year-old burials in the jungles of Central America, and an ancient village beneath the streets of downtown Calgary. Dan has led treks in Australia and Borneo, and to the summit of Tabwemasana in Vanuatu. An accomplished public speaker who has presented papers at numerous international conferences, Dan can provide expedition support and accurate content for tourism and media ventures across the Pacific.

Selected Publications

Daniel Cummins (2014) Rockbank North PSP Cultural Heritage Management Plan. Prepared for Leakes Road Rockbank. Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty. Ltd.

Daniel Cummins (2012) Archaeological Salvage Report, Quarters Residential Development, Cranbourne West. Prepared for PEET. Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty. Ltd.

Daniel Cummins (2009) Beyond the Valley of the Dolls: Formative Period Symbol and Ritual at Copan, Honduras. Paper presented at the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness 29th Annual Spring Meeting, Portland, Oregon, April 2009.

Brian Reeves, Daniel Cummins and Murray Lobb (2008) Oilsands Quest Inc. Raven Ridge Study Area Historical Resources Impact Assessment: 2007 Final Report (Permit 2007-194) Prepared for AMEC Earth and Environmental. Lifeways of Canada Ltd.

Adam Gietzelt, Daniel Cummins, Jane Graham, Natalie Franklin, Mike Rowland, and Karen Murphy (2007) State of the Environment Queensland 2007: Chapter 10 Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Daniel Cummins (2007) Defining boundaries: a guide to determining boundaries for places entered in the Queensland Heritage Register. Cultural Heritage Branch, Queensland Environmental Protection Agency.

Daniel Cummins and Michael Haslam (2006) To Trash and to Cache: Analysis of a Late Formative Living Surface at Copan, Honduras. In An Archaeological Life: Papers in Honour of Jay Hall, edited by Sean Ulm and Ian Lilley. Brisbane: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit, University of Queensland.

Daniel Cummins (2004) From External Influence to Internal Dynamics: Toward an Agency of Community in Formative Copan. Paper presented at the Australian Archaeological Association conference, Armidale, NSW.

A full curriculum vitae is available on request