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Extent Heritage (formerly Archaeological & Heritage Management Solutions Pty Ltd)
Waterloo NSW 2017
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*Ph.D. Archaeology, The Australian National University (2015)
*M. Sc. Quaternary Science, Royal Holloway, University of London (2001)
* B. Sc. (Hons) Joint Geography and Archaeology, University of Leicester (1999)

Professional Associations and Positions

Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc
Australasian Quaternary Association
Australian Archaeological Association
World Archaeological Congress


  • Site Survey
  • Site Recording
  • Excavation

Special Fields

  • Bayesian statistics
  • Time-series analysis
  • Radiocarbon dating

Consulting Experience

Alan is a leading senior heritage consultant. Through his recently completed PhD (March 2015) Alan has developed research publications on Aboriginal demography, which are internationally cited. He has been involved in cultural resource management (CRM) in the Sydney Basin (and elsewhere) for over 12 years, and this includes management of some of the largest salvage excavations undertaken in that time. He is one of the few archaeological consultants to have undertaken CRM works of a high research quality and subsequently published them in peer reviewed academic journals (e.g. Williams et al., 2012, 2014).

Selected Publications

Williams A.N. (1999) A Reconstruction of the Vegetation History of Seasalter, Kent, using Palynological Techniques. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of Leicester.

Williams A.N. (2000) The Lateglacial Climate Record of Traeth Mawr, South Wales. Unpublished Postgraduate Thesis, University of London.

Kemp, R., Branch, N.P., Silva, B., Meddens, F., Williams, A., Kendall, A. and Pomacanchari, C.V. (2006) Pedosedimentary, cultural and environmental significance of palaeosols within Pre-Hispanic agricultural terraces in the southern Peruvian Andes. Quaternary International 158, 13-22.

Williams, A.N., Lowe, J.J., Turney, C.S.M., and Woodcock, P. (2007) Preliminary tephrostratigraphical investigations at Traeth Mawr. In S.J. Carr, C.G. Coleman, A.J. Humpage and R.A. Shakesby (eds) Quaternary of the Brecon Beacons: Field Guide. Quaternary Research Association, London, 151-158.

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Williams, A.N., Mitchell, P., Wright, R.V.S., Toms, P. (2012) A Terminal Pleistocene Open Site on the Hawkesbury River, Pitt Town, NSW. Australian Archaeology, 74: 85-97.

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Williams, A.N., Ulm, S., Smith, M.A., Reid, J. (2014) AustArch: A Database of 14C and Non-14C Ages from Archaeological Sites in Australia - Composition, Compilation and Review (Data Paper). Internet Archaeology 36: doi:10.11141/ia.36.6

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