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Member Profiles: Stephen Muller

MULLER, Stephen

MULLER, Stephen

Flinders University
Unley SA 5061
M: 0450 281 603
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Institution Name: Flinders University
Qualification: Bachelor of Archaeology Honours
Date Received: 17/04/07

Institution Name: Flinders University
Qualification: Bachelor of Archaeology
Date Received: 10/03/05

Institution Name: Adelaide University
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts Honours (History)
Date Received: 3/05/88

Consulting Experience

2015 - 2016: Archaeologist/Cultural Heritage Advisor, Ecology and Heritage Partners
2015 : Freelance Heritage Consultant (Archaeologist & Historian)
2011 – 2015: Heritage Consultant (Archaeologist), Australian Cultural Heritage Management Pty Ltd (ACHM)
I have undertaken extensive archaeological fieldwork in the greater Adelaide area, Fleurieu Peninsula and the Pilbara region of Western Australia. This has involved archaeological survey utilising hand-held global positioning systems (GPS), site excavation, recording, mapping and test pitting. Working regularly with Traditional Owners, as well as private and public clients, requires me to bring a wide range of relevant skills to this work including archaeological and historical knowledge, cross-cultural experience, sound communication and team working skills, experience in staff and project management, research techniques and cultural heritage training. My written communication skills are developed to a very high standard and this position has required me to research and write numerous consultancy reports to a high standard, outlining the background to, process and results of the archaeological work undertaken.

Selected Publications

2015 ‘Are we all archaeologists now?’, Journal of Contemporary Archaeology, Vol 2 No 2 (To be published Dec 2015)

2015 'Colonial Experiences of Death, Burial and Memorialisation in West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide: Applying a phenomenological approach to cultural landscapes in historical archaeology', Australasian Historical Archaeology, 33: 15-26 (To be published Dec 2015)

2014 'Chickens, Cemeteries and the Archaeological Search' in Sue T. Carter (Ed) We Don’t Dig Dinosaurs! What Archaeologists Really Get Up To, XLibris LLC

2007 ‘Colonial Experiences of Death and Burial: The Landscape archaeology of West Terrace cemetery, Adelaide’ (Thesis Abstract), Australian Archaeology, 65: 71

2006 Chapter 6: Gandy’s Ruin: is it ‘heritage’? In Pam Smith, Susan Piddock & Donald Pate (Eds) Historic sites and landscapes: Stonyfell to Tea Tree Gully, Kopi Books

A full curriculum vitae is available on request