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Member Profiles: Elizabeth Hatte

HATTE, Elizabeth

Northern Archaeology Consultancies Pty Ltd
P: 07 4771 4282
M: 0418 725 922
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* BA, University of Queensland
* DipEd, University of Queensland
* BEd, La Trobe University
* BA (Hons) La Trobe University

Professional Associations and Positions

Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc.
Chairperson, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. Queensland State Chapter (2002-2003)
Member, Australian Archaeological Association Inc.
Life Member, Australian Rock Art Research Association


  • Site Survey
  • Site Recording
  • Excavation

Special Fields

  • Environmental impact assessment and cultural resource management studies
  • Rock art recording and research
  • Liaison with Traditional Owners
  • Aboriginal prehistoric and post-contact archaeology in northeast Australia
  • Use of ethnographic (including ethnobotanic) data
  • Central and north Queensland coast and inland
  • Archival research and oral history
  • Photography

Consulting Experience

Twenty five years within Australian archaeology, including twenty as a cultural heritage consultant in Queensland, based at Northern Archaeology Consultancies Pty Ltd, Townsville.

Extensive experience in EIS-related cultural heritage assessments, specialising mainly in Indigenous archaeology in Queensland.

Over 180 cultural heritage assessment reports and/or contracts for Government organisations and corporate clients, Aboriginal organisations, mining companies, etc.

Extensive experience in undertaking archaeological surveys, site recording and significance assessment in a variety of environments (coastal mainland and islands, tropical, temperate and semi-arid environments).

Compilation of Cultural Heritage Management Plans.

Extensive consulting experience with Aboriginal Traditional Owner groups, corporations and land councils.

Selected Publications

Campbell, J., N. Cole, E. HATTE, C. Tuniz and A. Watchman 1996 Dating of rock surface accretions with Aboriginal paintings and engravings in north Queensland. In S. Ulm, I. Lilley and A. Ross (eds), Australian Archaeology '95: Proceedings of the 1995 Australian Archaeological Association Annual Conference, pp.231-239. Tempus 6. St Lucia: Anthropology Museum, University of Queensland.

HATTE, E. 1997 Sites of Cultural Significance on behalf of Townsville City Council. South Townsville Inner City Village Building Better Cities Project. Townsville: Northern Archaeology Consultancies Pty Ltd.

HATTE, E. and A. Watchman 1996 A nano approach to the study of rock art: The Walkunders, Chillagoe, north Queensland, Australia. Rock Art Research 13(2):85-92.

HATTE, E. 1996 Oral History of South Townsville. Northern Archaeology Consultancies Pty Ltd. on behalf of Townsville City Council. Nadicprint Services Pty Ltd.

HATTE, E. 1992 "Boring Coastal Stuff?": Rock Images of the Townsville district, north Queensland. In J. McDonald and I.P. Haskovec (eds), State of the Art: Regional Rock Art Studies in Australia and Melanesia, pp.71-75. Occasional AURA Publication 6. Melbourne. Australian Rock Art Research Association.

HATTE, E. 1984 An Analysis of the Rock Art in the Peak Range, Central Queensland Highlands. Unpublished MA (prelim.) thesis, Division of Prehistory, Latrobe University, Bundoora.

A full curriculum vitae is available on request