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Deep Woods Surveys (WA) Pty Ltd
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* BA (Hons), University of Western Australia
* Grad Dip, University of Western Australia

Professional Associations and Positions

Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc.
Member, Australian Archaeological Association Inc.
Member, Australian Anthropological Society Inc


  • Site Survey
  • Site Recording
  • Excavation

Special Fields

  • Stone artefact analysis
  • Soil sediment analysis
  • Landscape usage
  • Indigenous community consultation

Consulting Experience

After completing my Honours degree in Archaeology I worked for the then Department of Aboriginal Sites as a Field Officer at the Northern Regional Office in Derby. On leaving the Kimberley in mid-1994, I began sub-consulting for a number of local firms. Returning to university in 1995, I undertook a Graduate Diploma in Anthropology completing the course in 1996. From 1996-2000, I worked as an ethnoarchaeologist for WMC Resources. On moving to the south coast of Western Australia in mid-2000, I returned to archaeological and ethnographic consultancy. Since then I have worked extensively throughout the south and Goldfields of Western Australia. I am the principal Heritage Officer and Director of Deep Woods Surveys Pty Ltd.

My major roles have entailed the management and in many cases the undertaking of numerous Indigenous heritage surveys and detailed salvage projects in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. I have extensive experience in Indigenous community consultation; planning and undertaking of Indigenous heritage surveys; the salvage of artefactual material from open surface scatters; test pitting and excavation of artefactual material from rockshelter and open site deposits; and conducting significance assessment of Indigenous Aboriginal sites.

Selected Publications

Blockley, E., S. Campbell-Smith, P. GREENFELD, S. O'Reilly and A. Murphy 1994 Goldfields Gas Transmission Project. Aboriginal Heritage Survey, Northern Section. Unpublished report to Goldfields Gas Transmission Joint Venture.

GREENFELD, P. 1996 Soil Sediment Analysis of Malea Rockshelter, Pilbara, Western Australia. Unpublished report to Hope Downs Ltd.

GREENFELD, P. 1998 Report on an Indigenous Cultural Heritage Assessment (Archaeological) of the Fortuna, Meredith Well, Perseverance, Tenement M36/308, Allstate and Weebo Project Areas. Unpublished report to WMC Resources.

GREENFELD, P. 2000 Aboriginal Heritage Assessment of the Southern Pit Area, Phosphate Hill Mine, North West Queensland, July 2000. Unpublished report to WMC Resources.

Parker, R. and P. GREENFELD 2002 Management Report of Aboriginal Heritage Issues Affecting the Infrastructure Corridor from Geraldton to the North-Eastern Goldfields. Unpublished report to Department of Minerals and Petroleum Resources.

GREENFELD, P. and W. Webb 2002 Archaeological Survey of Roadside Corridors along Caves Road - Busselton to Augusta Section, and Bussell Highway - Augusta to Margaret River Section. Unpublished report to Main Roads (WA) Bunbury Region.

GREENFELD, P., C. Wohlan and P. Kelly 2002 Report on the Archaeological Survey of the Sandy Point Survey Area, Beagle Bay, Dampier Peninsula, West Kimberley. Unpublished report to Department of Indigenous Affairs and the Aboriginal Lands Trust.

Goode, B., P. GREENFELD, J. Harris and W. Webb 2003 A Site Avoidance Field Survey Report of the Proposed Meekatharra to Wiluna Optic Fibre Route, Gascoyne District, Western Australia. Unpublished report to Telstra.

Harris, J. and P. GREENFELD 2004 Re-excavation of Dunsborough 2 Open Site, South-western Australia. Unpublished report to Department of Indigenous Affairs.

Goode, B. and P. GREENFELD 2004 Aboriginal Heritage Survey of Albany TWS Improvements (Stage 2), South-western Australia. Unpublished Report to Water Corporation (WA).

A full curriculum vitae is available on request