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Member Profiles: Felicity Barry

BARRY, Felicity

Malvern Hill Site Locations Unit
P: 02 9705 7021
M: 0404 625 369
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BA Hons (I) Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, USYD
Survey Certificate III, Tafe NSW

Consulting Experience

I have worked in consulting since January of 2001 in both historical and Aboriginal archaeology. I have experience in both government (NSW Heritage Office and the RTA) and private firms (AMBS, AHMS) and as an independent sub-consultant.

I have written both historical and Aboriginal archaeological assessments for large and small scale study areas; preliminary assessments/due diligence for both Historical and Aboriginal sites; research designs (historical and Aboriginal) and excavation reports (Aboriginal);
� can undertake surveys in both historical and Aboriginal archaeology without supervision;
� Can undertake historical research at various sources including Lands Dept, State Library, SRNSW, RAHS, ML, National Archives; Sydney Water and Roads and Maritime Services; Local Historical Societies and Local Council Archives;
� I can digitize excavation drawings, can use ArcGIS and also MapINFO and can also use drawing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Freehand MX;
� I can take good quality artefact photographs (both Aboriginal and historical);
I�ve done some co-directing in Aboriginal archaeology on test excavations (can provide the list on request) and had my name on a few permits as co-ex director for hist arch testing (locally significant remains only to date) (again I can provide the list on request);
I am happy to be a digger (either historical or Aboriginal sites) or supervise (Aboriginal sites) as needed and can record by context or by spit;
I can undertake stone artifact analyses and reporting and can fit them into any reporting style as needed and can bag and tag according to current requirements for Aboriginal artefacts;
� I am also happy to clean, tag and rebag artefacts from sites as needed etc;
� I am up to date with current legislative changes and requirements in NSW;
� I have an interest in Industrial archaeology and heritage and have been involved in several historical societies (particularly the Australia Society for the History of Engineering and Technology (ASHET) and the Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS) for a number of years;
� I have undertaken several AACAI short courses over the years in human Skeletal remains, historical artefacts and briefly assisted on the AACAI NSW SEC in 2010-2011;
� I can drive a manual car, have a current drivers license and 4WD experience;