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Alice Gorman
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Ecology and Heritage Partners
B.A (Hons), PhD
South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, ACT
Councillor, Anthropological Association of South Australia; nmember, Australian Archaeological Association; nmember, Association of Critical Heritage Studies; nmember, Space Industry Association of Australia; nassessor, Australian Research Council
Alice has a B.A. (Hons) from Melbourne University and a PhD from the University of New England. Her PhD was a usewear and residue analysis of flaked glass and obsidian artefacts from the Pitt Rivers Museum, UK. Since 1989 she has worked in heritage management as a consultant.

She has provided heritage advice for projects as diverse as linear infrastructure (road, rail, pipelines and power lines), mining and exploration, water storage, urban development, built environment, recreation, National Parks management, museum collections and exhibitions, and repatriation. . Her expertise includes survey, excavation, lithic analysis, lithic illustration, oral history, significance assessment, stakeholder consultation, CHMPs, legislative compliance, and the archaeology of the contemporary past, particularly aerospace archaeology.

In 2002-2003 Alice worked as a Senior Conservation Officer, Cultural Heritage Branch, for the Environmental Protection Agency in Rockhampton, Qld. In 2005 she joined the Department of Archaeology at Flinders University, Adelaide, to teach graduate cultural heritage management, and in 2009 gained tenure. Since 2013 she has been Principal Heritage Advisor at Ecology and Heritage Partners.
Alice has been produced over 30 heritage reports as a sole or co-author. Other relevant publications include:Wallis, L., Gorman, A. and H.D. Burke 2013 The opportunities and challenges of graduate level teaching in cultural heritage management. Australian Archaeology 76:52-61.Burke, H.D., Gorman, A., Mayes, Ken and D. Renshaw 2011 The Heritage Uncertainty Principle: Excavating Air Raid Shelters from the Second World War. In Katsuyuki Okamura and Akira Matsuda, eds. New Perspectives in Global Public Archaeology, pp 139-154. New York, USA: SpringerGorman, A.C. 2010 Saving sites of significance. SA Mines and Energy Journal, 10:34-35Wallis, Lynley and A.C. Gorman 2010 A time for change? Indigenous heritage values and management practice in the Coorong and Lower Murray Lakes region, South Australia. Australian Aboriginal Studies 2010(1):57-73Gorman, A.C. 2009 Heritage of Earth orbit: orbital debris � its mitigation and heritage. In Ann Darrin and Beth Laura O�Leary (eds) The Handbook of Space Engineering, Archaeology and Heritage, pp 377�393. CRC Press: Boca RatonGorman, A.C. 2003 The impact of feral and other animals on cultural heritage sites. Newsletter, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists 92:15-17
Aerospace archaeology and heritage; lithic analysis; usewear and residue analysis
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