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Alyssa Madden
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PO Box 3564 Village Fair
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Red Leaf Environmental
Consulting Experience: I currently work for Redleaf Environmental Projects under the title of Senior Archaeologist in southeast Queensland. I have been working with Redleaf since October 2017. Prior to this, my experience was in the academic sector with lecturing, excavations, laboratory work etc. Within my current role I undertake Aboriginal and built cultural heritage assessments, field surveys, and excavations. All Aboriginal cultural heritage is completed working closely with Traditional Owners, their representatives, and our clients, in order to facilitate the best possible outcomes. In conjunction with field work, I also conduct thorough desktop assessments and produce cultural heritage reports and recommendations. My previous experience includes a focus on Aboriginal stone artefacts, GIS, and landscape values.
JOURNAL ARTICLEMadden, A. 2018 Noel Loos, Invasion and Resistance: Aboriginal-European Relations on the North Queensland Frontier 1861-1987, Brisbane: Boolarong Press, 2017, 344pp., ISBN 9 7819 2552 2600, A$29.99. Queensland Review, 25(2), 322-323. Doi:10.1017/qre.2018.31.UNPUBLISHED THESISMadden, A. 2015 A Comparative Examination of Technological Change in the Lithic Assemblage at the Genyornis Occupation Site, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Unpublished BA(Hons) Thesis, School ofHumanities and Communication, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba.
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