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Asher Ford
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BA Hons (Anthropology)
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Asher is a senior heritage advisor at GHD and has been employed for over 10 years in the Australian heritage industry. He has previously worked on projects across Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia and is experienced in undertaking Indigenous and non-Indigenous archaeological assessments, management plans, statements of heritage impacts, Indigenous and non-Indigenous site recording, survey, sub surface testing and excavation, project research, geographic information systems, graphics and report writing. Asher has undertaken projects for a wide range of clients and industries, conducting Indigenous stakeholder consultation under both State and Commonwealth Acts and is conscientious of achieving best practice outcomes for all stakeholders.
Vines, G., Lawler, M. & Ford, A. (2017) An evaluation of surface and subsurface testing strategies for cultural heritage management in Melbourne’s western and northern fringes, Victoria, Australia. In C. Spry, e. Foley, D. Frankel and S. Lawrence (eds), Excavations, Surveys and Heritage Management in Victoria, Vol 6: 29-40.
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