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Belinda Liebelt
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Aberfolye Park
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I have worked in cultural heritage management fields since 2006, providing services as both an archaeologist and anthropologist. I have experience in the management of complex heritage projects in both South Australia and Western Australia. This has included managing heritage projects for housing developments, infrastructure pipelines and transmission lines, substations, wind farms, gas plants, railway developments, Defense training zones, airports, mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration and maintenance and Pilbara iron ore exploration projects.

I am skilled in many aspects of professional consulting archaeology, including remote and local archaeological survey work, archaeological site recording (site avoidance, mitigation and salvage levels), significance assessments, excavation, artefact sieving and sorting, GPS data collection, OHS training and awareness, field logistics, teamwork and team leadership. In an office environment, I am skilled in technical report writing, data processing, legislative and heritage professional advice, cost estimates, logistical organisation, project management and mentoring.

I am capable and confident in leading large and small heritage teams in both urban and extreme remote conditions, working in respectful and collaborative partnerships with Aboriginal organisations in a culturally sensitive manner. I am passionate about working for Aboriginal communities, and I have worked with a number of Aboriginal organisations in South Australia and Western Australia.

I am currently working as an native title anthropologist at South Australian Native Title Services (since Jan 2017). This work involves assisting with Aboriginal family histories, researching native title claims, producing anthropology reports and acting as an expert witness in Court.
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