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Dominic Steele
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02 9715 1169
0411 88 4232
21 Macgregor Street
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Dominic Steele Consulting Archaeology
BAHons (Prehistory) Sydney 1987
NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania. Anytime
Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc (AACAI) 2014-nAustralasian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA) 1989-nMember, Australian Archaeological Association Inc (AAA) 1989
Dominic Steele as principal of Dominic Steele Consulting Archaeology (DSCA) has worked in professional cultural heritage management since 1988 and has developed experience and expertise in major redevelopment and research projects where management of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultural heritage has been required.
Principal projects have included community consultation, heritage management liaison, field survey and recording, archaeological excavaion, analyses and interpretation, archival research, and project heritage assessment and recommendations of management advice to Aboriginal communities, statutoryorganizations with responsibility for the management of Aboriginal and European cultural heritage values, and private land owners.
DSCA projects have been completed within a full range of statutory and planning contexts including principal roles in Master planning, conservation management planning, environmental impact studies, and heritage management to guide land-specific development applications
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Historic and prehistoric faunal analysis
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