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Oliver Brown

I graduated as an archaeologist (BA Hons) in 2000 from Sydney University. After a three year stint in Oxford UK, I returned to Sydney and have worked in Aboriginal cultural heritage management ever since. Previous roles have included research at Sydney University, Principal Archaeologist at Total Earth Care, a sole trader through Oliver Brown Consulting Archaeology (OBCA), Senior Archaeologist at AHMS (now Extent), working across a wide range of projects and scales.

During this time, I held several positions in the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists, including NSW Chairperson, have been active in the Australian Archaeological Association and published multiple peer-reviewed publications.

In 2015, I founded Associates Archaeology & Heritage, initially involving collaborative projects with other heritage consultants and ecologists. Increasingly, I have come to specialise in initial due diligence field assessments and heritage management advice in my local area and from 2023 have made it my core focus.

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29 Hannan Street
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Associates Archaeology & Heritage
BA (hons)
Coastal Sydney
23 years
Oliver Brown, Judith Field and Mike Letnic. 2006. Variation in the Taphonomic Effect of Scavengers in Semi-arid Australia Linked to Rainfall and the El Niño Southern Oscillation. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 16:165-176. Oliver Brown. 2006. Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) extinction on the Australian mainland in the mid-Holocene: multicausality and ENSO intensification. Alcheringa 30: 49-57. Oliver Brown. 2010. Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management and Mapping: aspects of cultural boundaries, sub-bioregions and site distribution in the Sydney basin. Archaeological Heritage 2: 9-16. Oliver Brown. 2011. Back to basics: Significance assessment at the heart of it all. Comment on Godwin, L. ‘The Application of Assessment of Cumulative Impacts in Cultural Heritage Management: A Critique’. Australian Archaeology 73: 92. Mike Letnic, Paul Story, Georgeanna Story, Judith Field, Oliver Brown, and Christopher R. Dickman. 2011. Resource pulses, switching trophic control, and the dynamics of small mammal assemblages in arid Australia. Journal of Mammalogy, 92(6):1210-1222. Scott Mitchell, Michelle Richards, Oliver Brown, Andrew Costello, Allison Dejanovic. 2015. 'A State of Belonging? Museums, Archaeology Collections and Heritage Legislation in New South Wales’ with comments and reply. Journal of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists, Volume 3: 1-12. Alan N. Williams, Adrian Burrow, Phil S. Toms, Oliver Brown, Michelle Richards & Tessa Bryant (2017): The Cranebrook terrace revisited: recent excavations of an early Holocene alluvial deposit on the banks of the Nepean River, NSW, and their implications for future work in the region. Australian Archaeology, DOI: 10.1080/03122417.2017.1392834
Due diligence Aboriginal heritage impact assessment in Sydney's coastal sandstone country, Aboriginal shell middens.
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