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Oliver Brown
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0427 414 226
0427 414 226
29 Hannan Street
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Associates Archaeology & Heritage
BA (Hons1), Prehistoric and historical archaeology, University of Sydney (2000)
NSW, anytime
Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc (MAACAI)nMember - Australian Archaeological Association
I have 14 years experience in commercial archaeology and Aboriginal cultural heritage management. I have previously worked as as a senior consultant at AHMS, as Oliver Brown Consulting Archaeology (OBCA) and as the principal archaeologist at Total Earth Care.

My consulting work has largely focused on the Aboriginal cultural heritage of coastal NSW, particularly around Sydney, with some work elsewhere in southeastern Australia (e.g. NSW Southern Highlands, Murray River basin). Most work has been completed for local councils, homeowners, developers, mining companies, infrastructure companies, Aboriginal community groups and increasingly as a specialist subconsultant for other archaeology companies.

My research work focuses on shell middens, grinding grooves and the foraging ecology of coastal Aboriginal people in NSW with other interests in methodological development in consulting archaeology. Previous research has also included a focus on the effects of scavengers on archaeozoological deposits (e.g. middens).
In the last 14 years I have been the sole or principal author on more than 150 consulting reports, 4 peer reviewed publications, and 4 conference papers.
Survey, recording, excavation and management of Aboriginal archaeological sites
GIS mapping (ESRI ArcGIS)
Faunal analysis
The Aboriginal archaeology of coastal NSW
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