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Sean Ulm

Sean’s research focuses on persistent problems in the archaeology of northern Australia and the western Pacific where understanding the relationships between environmental change and cultural change using advanced studies of archaeological and palaeoenvironmental sequences are central to constructions of the human past. His priority has been to develop new tools to investigate and articulate co-variability and co-development of human and natural systems.

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ARC Centre of Excellence for Indigenous and Environmental Histories and Futures
James Cook University
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James Cook University
PhD, The University of Queensland
Fellow, Australian Academy of the Humanities Fellow, Society of Antiquaries of London Honorary Research Fellow, Queensland Museum Fellow, Cairns Institute Editor, Australian Archaeology Editorial Board, Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology Editorial Board, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society Editor, Queensland Archaeological Research Member, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Member, Australian Archaeological Association Inc. Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. Member, Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology Member, Australasian Quaternary Association Member, Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria Member, Royal Society of Queensland Member, International Council for Archaeozoology Member, Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association Member, Australian National Committee for Archaeology Teaching and Learning
Over 30 years of experience working as an archaeologist and cultural heritage consultant in Queensland and Western Australia. Extensive experience in EIS-related cultural heritage assessments, specialising in coastal and island Aboriginal archaeology in Queensland. Extensive experience in undertaking archaeological surveys, site recording and significance assessments (especially coastal environments). Extensive experience in project management and expert peer review. Research interests in: Differentiating between cultural and natural coastal deposits Coastal and island archaeology Impacts of people on new environments Cultural heritage management and climate change Refining archaeological chronologies Improving archaeology teaching and learning
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Shell midden analysis Coastal archaeology Queensland archaeology
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