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Revising our understanding of the population history of Cape York

22 Feb 2018

There are unique patterns in the population history of Cape York that we have been able to uncover through our recent ARC funded research.
Dr Michael Westaway is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution, Griffith University (Brisbane), working in the fields of Biological Anthropology and Archaeology.
In this presentation, I will attempt to provide an overview of this large scale bio-anthropology project that really only begins to scratch the surface of our understanding of the complexity of the Cape.

Sir Rowland Wilson Building Seminar Room 1 (3.02)

AACAI End of Summer Sydney Dig Down NSW Chapter

16 Mar 2018

Come and join your fellow shovel bums to say goodbye to sweaty days out in the heat and drink to the end of summer. All Welcome.

Enquiries: megan.gigaz@transport.nsw.gov.au

The Sydney Historical Archaeology Practitioners' (SHAP) Workshop

18 May 2018

The Sydney Historical Archaeology Practitioners' (SHAP) Workshop will be taking place again this year at the Big Dig Archaeology Centre in The Rocks, Sydney, on the 18th of May, proudly organised by Extent Heritage.

The 2018 theme is The Role of Archaeology in Heritage Conservation.

This is a call for sessions and papers - if you have an idea for a presentation, workshop, demonstration or interactive session we'd love to hear from you!

National Archaeology Week Australia

20 May 2018

National Archaeology Week aims to increase public awareness of Australian archaeology and the work of Australian archaeologists both at home and abroad, and to promote the importance of protecting Australia's unique archaeological heritage. Beginning on the third Sunday of May every year, it is a week long nationwide program of events and activities. In South Australia we have previously run public lectures, seminars, exhibits, schools programs and public displays as part of National Archaeology Week.

Feel free to contact the SA National Archaeology Week Coordinator with any questions or ideas:
Jordan Ralph
P: 0409 420 784
E: jordan.ralph@wallisheritageconsulting.com.au

Secret History of Australia Conference

09 Jun 2018

Information will be posted on streaming options soon.

Comprehensive venue information including maps, local accommodation options, links to public transport, food options and more available at www.bcec.com.au/visit.

Secret History of Australia
Australia is an ancient land—with plenty of mystery and unexplained phenomena. Many thousands of years before any other civilisation came into being, Australia was inhabited by people who managed their ecosystem with an effciency and harmony unmatched to this day.
It is suggested that this physical harmony with nature was a reflection of their greater understanding of our multidimensional reality, and of the practical knowledge that can be derived. Join us to explore the secret history.

Between Saturday 9 June 2018 and Sunday 10 June 2018



22 Jun 2018

In June 2018 the Australian National Maritime Museum will host a conference that aims to investigate the relationships between public remembrance and archaeology. The conference will look at the role of archaeology in a variety of conflict-related themes, including the repatriation of human remains and bringing closure to those affected by war. It will explore archaeology’s commemorative function, its role and importance in the investigation of past conflicts as well as the use of new (and future) technologies. The conference will also raise questions about how archaeology might reveal the effects of past warfare on society and what role it might play in understanding loss and grief, and shaping ways of remembrance.
The conference will highlight new questions posed by recent advances in technology and will look closely at archaeology and the First World War. While Australian archaeology will be a focus, The Archaeology of War is not limited by scope, scale, place or time and encour

The conference will be held on 22 and 23 June at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Further details about additional associated activities will be provided in early 2018.

For further information please contact archaeologyofwar@anmm.gov.au