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Caroline Seawright
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Level 11, 452 Flinders St
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Caroline Seawright is a qualified archaeologist with a Bachelor of Archaeology (First Class Honours) from La Trobe University. She has experience as an archaeological assistant including archaeological historical heritage report and CHMP editing, site card searches and submission for both First Peoples - State Relations and Heritage Victoria, stratigraphic illustration, and submitting Consents, Permits and Permit Exemptions to Heritage Victoria. She also has experience with artefact analysis and cataloguing, and some fieldwork. Caroline joined the Jacobs Cultural Heritage team in 2017 as a graduate archaeologist and is now a full-time project archaeologist. She writes due diligences, historical heritage impact assessments, statements of heritage impact, other archaeological repots, and assisting with cultural heritage management plans, performing register searches and site card submissions for First Peoples - State Relations and Heritage Victoria, and stratigraphic illustrations. She also has experience with artefact analysis and cataloguing, and fieldwork. She has worked on water, road and rail projects predominantly in Victoria, with some experience in NSW and Queensland. Caroline is listed on First Peoples - State Relations’ directory of Heritage Advisers, and is a member of the Australian Archaeological Association (AAA), the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA), and the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists (AACAI).
ThesisSeawright, C 2018, Potluck: A Comparative Study of Ceramics from the Chinese Brick Kiln, Bendigo, honour’s thesis, La Trobe University, Bundoora.Journal articleSeawright, C 2008, ‘Hatshepsut, the Woman who would be King’, TALK Magazine, no. 6,pp. 10-13.
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