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Darren Rowsell

I had a Sea Change in 1995 while sitting in a 30-ton Vibrating Truck for Trace Energy Systems in remote Pilbara, W.A., 400km east of Marble Bar. Was this to be my life?
Zoom forward to 2023. I have just returned from a 3/3-day DIDO, with a FIFO, from the southern Pilbara after completing yet another remote area 6-day Archaeological survey.
The years since have seen me in many different places.
I have been involved in many excavations. This type of work requires a fastidious attention to detail, like the Fireplace of the oldest ski resort hotel at Kiandra, Mt Selwyn, or Dr. Chris Clarkson PhD research excavations in Wardamann Country in the NT.
Having worked in the extreme outback for 4.5 years doing Oil and Gas Seismic Exploration Survey I have lots of 4WD (and 6WD and 8WD) experience. This has also toughened me up for exposure tolerance with high physical work demands. I can work hard all day in very high temperatures. The hottest day was in the Eastern Pilbara in WA hit 52 C. I was drinking 8 litres of water a day. It was 46 C most days of the 2 months I worked there. The shade of the Land Cruiser your only respite. I loved it.
Scouts, Army Reserves Officer Training and lots of camping and hiking have given me many skills in setting up, stocking and managing camps. I am very proficient in rope techniques also.
Survival in remote areas is all about common sense, but it’s also about preparedness. I have a good working knowledge of Advanced First Aid, Occupational First Aid and Remote Area 1st Aid. I take safety seriously, for myself and for those working around me.
I have proficient skills in orienteering and are very comfortable with all maps. I am very fond of maps. Especially geological ones.
GPS skills are also proficient. I have the top of the range Garmin Montana 680t. I love it.
I can walk all day. On the last Regional Survey with BGA we walked just under 200 kms in 16 days. Longest haul was 23.5 kms in one day through spinifex country.
I take orders easily and without compromise. I have worked in many team environments and consider myself to be a cohesive and fun colleague.
I love learning and have no problems of throwing myself into any interest, which may be your next project.
If you have made it this far, I thank you for your time in reading my letter. I hope that my qualities and work history stand out and look forward to discussing my suitability to work with you.

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