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Annabelle Davis
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0428 520 937
1/191 St Georges Tce
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Extent Heritage
Annabelle Davis is the Associate Director of Extent Heritage WA and manager of the Perth office.

Annabelle has over 18 years’ experience in cultural heritage management and has worked in both Western Australia and Queensland. In addition to consulting experience, Annabelle has worked in a range of roles including for the WA State Government at the Department of Indigenous Affairs (now DPLH) and as an internal Cultural Heritage Specialist at Rio Tinto as well as a heritage consultant.
Davis, A, D Belton, P Helmholz,P Bourke and J McDonald. 2017. ‘Pilbara Rock Art: Laser Scanning,Photogrammetry and 3D Photographic Reconstruction as Heritage Management Tools.’ Journal of Heritage Science 5:25–40. DOI 10.1186/s40494-017-0140-7Slack, M, K Connell, A Davis, L Gilganic, W Boone Law, and M Meyer. 2017. ‘Post-Last Glacial Maximum Settlement of the West Angelas Region in the Inland Hamersley Plateau, Western Australia.’ Australian Archaeology 83 (3): 127–142.
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