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Andrew Costello
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Level 3/73 Union Street
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Jacobs Engineering Group Australia
Bachelor of Arts, (Honours) First classDouble Major - Archaeology and AnthropologyUniversity of Melbourne (2003)Masters of Business Administration and Social Impact (Current)Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) UNSW Business School & Centre for Social Impact
President, AACAI nFull Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. nMember, Australian Archaeological Association Inc.
Andrew is a Senior Archaeologist with Jacobs with over 12 years' experience in archaeological survey, excavation and heritage management.

Andrew has been involved in academic, consulting and government projects throughout Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea. Andrew specialises in the identification of Aboriginal archaeological sites, archaeological mapping, research design and sampling strategies. Andrew also has research interests in coastal archaeology, GIS applications in archaeology and connecting commercial archaeological projects to government, social and educational outcomes for Aboriginal People.

Andrew enjoys collaborating and working with the wide variety of Indigenous communities across Australia, Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea, and has been involved in facilitating cultural heritage training for different Indigenous groups, undertaking oral history recording and social impact assessments.
Mitchell, S., Richards, M., Brown, O., Costello, A., & Dejanovic, A. (2015). 'A State of Belonging? Museums, Archaeology Collections and Heritage Legislation in New South Wales’ with comments and reply. Journal of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists, 3, 1-12.Recent Conference Presentations Australian Archaeological Association Conference, Terrigal, NSW December. 2016 Beyond the Shovel and the Sieve: Achieving better outcomes for Aboriginal People through Commercial Archaeology.Australian Archaeological Association Conference, Coffs Harbour, NSW. December 2011 Sands of Time: Findings from the Peninsula Link excavations on the Cranbourne Sands formation Australian Archaeological Association Conference, Noosa, QLD. December 2008: Down the Line: Findings of the Cultural Heritage Assessment for the Sugarloaf PipelineAustralian Association of consulting Archaeologists workshop, Sydney NSW. July 2006: GIS Applications in Archaeological Consulting - Differential GPS and the Trimble Unit
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