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Ben Watson
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BA (Hons), PhD (Melb)
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Full International Member, International Council on Monuments and Sites Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. Member, Australian Archaeological Association Member, Australian Rock Art Research Association Member, Anthropological and Archaeological Society of Victoria
Archaeological research and heritage management projects throughout Australia; preparation of Aboriginal and historical cultural heritage management plans, due diligence assessments, survey and excavation reports; project management, coordination, planning, research; field survey, site identification and recording, rock art recording, archaeological excavation, GIS mapping, lithic artefact analysis, photography
Journal Articles Watson. B. 2018. No bearing on conventional lithic analysis. Rock Art Research 35 (2): 169–170. Hodgson, D. and Watson, B. 2015. The visual brain and the early depiction of animals in Europe and Southeast Asia. World Archaeology 47 (5): 776-791. DOI: 10.1080/00438243.2015.1074871. Watson, B. and P. Kucera 2014. Results of recent archaeological investigations along Wallpolla Creek, northwestern Victoria, Australia. Excavations, Surveys and Heritage Management in Victoria 3: 33-42. Watson, B. 2012. Rock art and the neurovisual bases of subjective visual phenomena. Time and Mind 5 (2): 211-216. Watson, B. 2012. The body and the brain: neuroscience and the representation of anthropomorphs in palaeoart. Rock Art Research 29 (1): 3-18. Watson, B. 2011. The beauty of rock art aesthetics. Rock Art Research 28 (2): 163-165. Watson, B. 2011. The eyes have it: human perception and anthropomorphic faces in world rock art. Antiquity 85 (327): 87-98. Watson, B. 2010. Psychoanalysis and prehistoric art. Journal of Iberian Archaeology 13: 35-49. Watson, B. 2010. The neuropsychology of animism and implied motion in rock art. Rock Art Research 27 (1): 79-80. Watson, B. 2008. Oodles of doodles? Doodling behaviour and its implications for understanding palaeoarts. Rock Art Research 25 (1): 35-60. Watson, B. 2007. Dreaming phenomena and palaeoart. Before Farming: The Archaeology and Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers 2007/4: 81-94. Book Chapters Watson, B. 2019. Optical illusions and perceptual determinants in rock art. In J. Huntly and G. Nash (eds), Aesthetics, Applications, Artistry and Anarchy: Essays in Prehistoric and Contemporary Art. A Festschrift in Honour of John Kay Clegg, 11 January 1935 – 1 March 2015, pp. 99-108. Archaeopress, Oxford. Watson, B. 2013. Rock art and human behavior. In R.G. Bednarik (ed.) The Psychology of Human Behavior, pp. 211-238. Psychology of Emotions, Motivations and Actions Series, Nova Science Publishers, New York. Theses Watson, B. 2009. Universal Visions: Neuroscience and Recurrent Characteristics of World Palaeoart. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis. Centre for Classics and Archaeology, University of Melbourne. Selected Consulting Reports 2019 - Gippsland Line Upgrade, Hernes Oak to Traralgon: Cultural Heritage Management Plan. Report to Rail Projects Victoria. 2019 - Avon River Rail Bridge, Stratford: Cultural Heritage Management Plan. Report to Rail Projects Victoria. 2018 - South Gippsland Highway Black Spur (Koonwarra) Realignment: Cultural Heritage Management Plan. Report to VicRoads. (With Sarah Ricketts, Paul Kucera and William Anderson) 2017 - Yan Yean Road Duplication, Plenty and Yarrambat: Cultural Heritage Management Plan. Report to VicRoads. (With Michelle Cleary and Wendy Morrison) 2016 - Toolern Creek, Melton South, Victoria: Archaeological Excavations and Surface Artefact Collection at Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register Place 7822-3328. Report to Lend Lease Communities (Atherstone). 2016 - Excavations at Fulham, Central Gippsland: VAHR 8221-0217, 8221-0218 and 8221-0219. Report to VicRoads. (With William Anderson, Jasmine Scibilia and Paul Kucera) 2016 - Wilton Fields Wetlands Area Atherstone: Cultural Heritage Management Plan (No. 13558). Report prepared for Lend Lease Communities (Atherstone). 2015 - Calder Highway/Calder Alternative Highway Interchange Ravenswood: Cultural Heritage Management Plan (No. 12884). Report prepared for VicRoads. 2015 - Old Mail Road and Wallpolla Creek, North-West Victoria: Archaeological Excavation and Surface Artefact Collection at Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register Places 7229-0069, 7229-0076, 7229-0077 and 7229-0085. Report to Powercor Australia Ltd. 2014 - Further Archaeological Excavations at Aboriginal Place 7523-0252 Trawalla 1, Mount Emu Creek, Western District of Victoria. Report prepared for John Holland Pty Ltd. 2014 - NP13 MBN21 Uprate - Lake Cullulleraine: Cultural Heritage Management Plan (No. 12615). Report prepared for Powercor Australia Ltd. (with William Anderson) 2013 - Eastern Interchange Bacchus Marsh: Historical Archaeological Investigation. Heritage Victoria Project Number 4247. Report prepared for VicRoads. 2012 - Brisbane Ranges Lower Stony Creek Addition: Survey for Cultural Heritage. Report prepared for Parks Victoria. 2011 - Western Highway Project: Burrumbeet -- Beaufort Duplication. Cultural Heritage Management Plan Number 11481. Report prepared for VicRoads. (With William Anderson and Helen Kiddell)
Cultural heritage management plans; Rock art and palaeoart studies; Lithic artefact analysis; Photography
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