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Jim Rhoads
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J Rhoads Heritage & Native Title Services
* PhD (Prehistory) Australian National University* MA (Anthropology) University of Minnesota * Grad Cert (Management) University of Western Sydney* BA (History) Austin College (Sherman, Texas)
Throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea
Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists; Honorary Research Fellow (current) Department of Archaeology UWA Perth: Honorary Research Associate (current) Geoscience and Archaeology, Australian Museum Sydney; Fellow (current) Secretary (2010-2011) and Councillor (2004-2010) Institute of Public Administration Australia (WA); Member, Australian Archaeological Association; Member, Society of American Archaeology; Member, American Anthropological Association
Dr Jim Rhoads has, in total, more than 40 years� experience in archaeological and ethnographic experience in tertiary education and training, and academic and consultancy fieldwork in the public and private sectors. He has served as a senior public policy specialist and executive-level public administrator.; His postgraduate qualifications include archaeology, anthropology and business management, and his laboratory, excavation and field survey experience in Australia and Papua New Guinea is substantial.

Presently, Dr Rhoads is the CEO of Rhoads Bird and Associates Pty Ltd, a specialist heritage support group providing strategic and practical advice and training, in addition to the standard range of heritage investigation services.

He has a proven track record working with government agencies in several states and has published for both specialist academic and general audiences, in addition to reporting on a range of consultancy projects in Australia and Papua New Guinea. His expertise in working with Indigenous communities is both extensive and well-developed.
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HERITAGE ADVICE - complex archaeological project design and management,
heritage significance evaluation, public policy review and analysis
HERITAGE INVESTIGATIONS - survey sampling and statistical analysis methodologies, broad area archaeological landscape analysis, stone tool analysis, Papua New Guinea pottery analysis
HERITAGE SKILL DEVELOPMENT - archaeological fieldwork training
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