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Gavin Jackson Cultural Resource Management
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Gavin Jackson is the Principal and Managing Director of Gavin Jackson Cultural Resource Management, an independent consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia. Gavin Jackson CRM provides quality service and professional advice in the fields of Aboriginal heritage, cultural resource management, and land access approvals to private and public sector clients.

Gavin Jackson has over 17 years' experience in Australian archaeological heritage and cultural resource management. Prior to this Gavin worked in the former Western Australian Department of Aboriginal Sites as a field officer in the Pilbara Region and also as an executive officer advising the Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs on heritage matters.

As a consultant Gavin Jackson CRM's major roles have been the management and conduct of archaeological surveys and excavations in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. Since 1994 Gavin has completed over 500 Aboriginal heritage and native title consultancy projects and reports.

Gavin manages and conducts Aboriginal heritage surveys. These have involved the planning and undertaking of surveys as project coordinator and team participant, the surface collection of artefactual material from open surface scatters and the test pitting and excavation of rock shelters and shell midden deposits. Many of these surveys have been for major mine development projects in the Pilbara. Gavin also has extensive experience in planning and executing management plans for both archaeological and ethnographic sites and in conducting significance assessment of Australian archaeological sites. These projects have all involved extensive Aboriginal community consultation. Gavin has widespread experience in the Pilbara, Goldfields, Southwest and Midwest regions of Western Australia as well as central South Australia and Northwest Queensland.

Gavin Jackson CRM currently employs 26 professionals, qualified in the disciplines of archaeology and anthropology. Gavin Jackson CRM also employs support staff to meet all the administrative and data management requirements.

Gavin Jackson and his team's combined experience provide high quality professional project management services which ensure the overall heritage process is both streamlined and comprehensive. This results in effective outcomes which are achieved in a reasonable time and in a cost effective manner that benefits all stakeholders.
SELECTED MAJOR PROJECTS: Since 2000, Gavin Jackson CRM has completed more than 300 projects. Clients have included various native title land councils, Indigenous claimant groups, small exploration companies, large multi-national resource companies as well as state and local government agencies. Some of the projects include: • Pilbara Iron Hope DownsThis project is ongoing, and includes;surveys of Rio Tinto’s Hope Downs 4, 5 and 6 project areas in the Nyiyaparli native title claim area, located near Rhodes Ridge, north-west of Newman. Surveys are being conducted for a bankable feasibility study and cover rail corridors, mine infrastructure areas, road realignments and exploration tenements.• Pilbara Iron Greater BrockmanGavin Jackson CRMcompleted a range of surveys of extensive areas in the Eastern Guruma native title determination area associated with evaluation drilling, rehabilitation and infrastructure development programs on Rio Tinto’s Hamersley Range 01 and 03 tenements, located near the Brockman 2 mine in the Pilbara region.• Hope Downs Management ServicesGavin Jackson CRMsurveyed two proposed alignments of the proposed Hope Downs Railway Infrastructure Corridor between the proposed port facilities at Port Hedland and the Hope Downs mine site. The design of these two rail corridors changed significantly during the surveys. This project also included several mine infrastructure areas and proposed port facilities. • BHP Rapid Growth Project 5 Port Expansion AreaGavin Jackson CRMsurveyed extensive areas of land around Port Hedland harbour as part of the of BHP Billiton Port Expansion project. This work was undertaken for Marapikurrinya Pty Ltd. • Citic Pacific Mining Management (CPMM) – Gas Pipeline and Port FacilitiesGavin Jackson CRMconducted archaeological surveys for CPMM of the proposed port area, infrastructure corridor and gas pipeline located at Cape Preston, 100 km south-west of Karratha. Gavin Jackson CRM successfully completed this large project within restricted timeframes imposed by the project deadlines and worked closely with other archaeological consultancies and three different native title claimant groups. All land access milestones were met as Section 18 notice submissions were granted within project timeframes. • Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) – Rail Corridor & Port FacilitiesGavin Jackson CRMsurveyed FMG’s rail corridor and associated infrastructure, a project area extending over 250km from the Cloudbreakmine site near Newman to Port Hedland. This included FMG’s port and load out area at Anderson Point in Port Hedland. All land access approvals were successfully applied for and obtained within construction deadlines following successful Section 18 notices. Consent conditions also included developing a comprehensive program for excavation and the salvage of sites.• Central Desert Native Title Service (CDNTS)This project is ongoing, and includes;surveys of proposed resource developments with a view to documenting and mapping the cultural heritage landscape of particular native title determination and claim areas within the broader CDNTS representative body area. The surveys are designed to satisfy the legislative obligations of the resource developers whilst at the same time providing a valuable and confidential repository of cultural knowledge for the benefit of the Traditional Owners.
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