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Gary Vines
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03 9646 9499
0428 526 898
38 Bertie Street
Port Melbourne
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* BA (History) University of Melbourne;* BA (Hons Archaeology), Latrobe University
Australia, Anytime
Australian Association of Consultant Archaeologists (AACAI)nAustralasian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA)nSociety for Industrial Archaeology (SIA) (USA)nAssociation for Industrial Archaeology (AIA) (UK)nMember Engineering/Industrial Heritage Advisory Committee (reports to Heritage Council Victoria)nNational Trust of Australia (Victoria) - member of Industrial History Committee since 1988, Chairman 1992-94, member of Conservation Standing Committee since 1996nLight Railways Research Society of VictorianBrick and Architectural Ceramics Materials Group (UK)
Gary is a Senior Archaeologist with Biosis Research Pty Ltd. with over 20 years experience as a heritage consultant and archaeologist, with a background in historical research, museums, heritage conservation, and community heritage.
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Industrial archaeological sites
historic bridges
dry stone walls
noxious trades
historical artefact analysis
cataloguing and significance assessment
typological studies
archival and historical research
oral history
site recording and significance assessment
site and artefact planning and drawing
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