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Allan Lance
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Heritage Consulting Australia Pty Ltd
* BA (Hons), Australian National University
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Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. nMember, Australian Archaeological Association Inc. nMember, Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology nLifetime Member, National Trust of Australia
I have had 29 years professional experience in Australian archaeology. During this time I have undertaken more than 400 archaeological studies including field surveys, site recording and excavation. These studies have been carried out in South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. In addition to these studies undertaken as a consultant or through ANUTECH, the Australian National University's consulting company, I have assisted other archaeologists with numerous field surveys and excavations. As Executive Archaeologist at ANUTECH, I supervised a further 50 projects, which included large scale regional studies. I also coordinated and compiled several Environmental Impact Statements. As manager of the Adelaide Office of National Heritage Studies, I carried out or assisted with a further 40 projects.

In the past twenty years I have conducted a number of large projects including the survey and recording of historic sites in eastern New South Wales, recording of sites in southwest Queensland and northwest South Australia, and conducted studies for the Central Land Council in Central Australia. I have excavated sites along the Murray River in South Australia, at Tibooburra, Bungendore and Gol Gol in New South Wales. Now, I am mostly working in Eastern Queensland with several of the Traditional Owner groups and investigating historical heritage sites.
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Coastal archaeology
Cooper Basin archaeology
Stone artefact analysis
CONTACT ARCHAEOLOGY - site survey, site recording, excavation
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