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Jacqueline Matthews
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Cultural Heritage Management Australia
I currently work as an archaeologist for Cultural Heritage Management Australia (since early 2017), and I started my professional working career with Wallis Heritage Consulting in 2012. In my current role, I undertake cultural heritage surveys and assessments, mitigation works and excavations working closely with Traditional Owner representatives as well as proponents. I regularly conduct background research and draft cultural heritage management and assessment reports. I have extensive experience in analysing and interpreting Aboriginal stone artefacts and a solid understanding of the current literature and research on this topic. I have a sound working knowledge of relevant heritage legislation in Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania. I am experienced in working within research-focused projects (in both academic and consulting contexts) and I have held short-term research assistant contracts with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Studies Unit and the Aboriginal Environments Research Centre at the University of Queensland. In 2017, I graduated with an MPhil from the University of Western Australia, which has further expanded my independent research skills and experience with academic publishing.
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