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Josephine McDonald
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Centre for Rock Art Research + Management, University of Western Australia
* BA (Hons), University of Sydney* PhD, Australian National University
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Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. nPresident, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. (1993-1997) nMember, Australian Archaeological Association Inc. nPresident, Australian Archaeological Association Inc. (1997-1998) nMember, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies nMember, Australian Rock Art Association
Over 700 contracts undertaken in 35 years of consulting experience. The majority of these studies have involved archaeological survey, site assessment, salvage and management, on a range of site types (shelters with art and deposit, engravings, middens, open camp sites, quarries, scarred trees, burials). Several large regional studies dealing with resource assessment, research and management planning have also been completed. I have acted as an Expert Witness in the NSW Land and Environment Court and in Native Title matters.

The majority of this principal consulting experience has been done in New South Wales, and Western Australia. I have specialised in the archaeology of the Sydney Basin and rock art and heritage planning more broadly I have worked on coastal sites , undertaking intensive analysis of several major midden sites in the Sydney and Pilbara regions. These excavations have included significant salvages of human skeletal remains, including Narrabeen Man from Sydney's northern beaches. For a major regional study of rock art in the Sydney Basin I have recorded many engraving and shelter art sites. I have recorded rock art in the arid zone in New South Wales and Western Australia. The excavation and strategic management of open artefact scatters in western Sydney was a focus for several decades. I have project managed large test excavation programmes involving many open sites in the Rouse Hill Development Area (RHIP Stage 1 - 3) and at the ADI Site in St Marys. I was involved in the most phases of planning at the former ADI Site in St Marys (the Western, Eastern, Ropes Creek and Dunheved Precincts) and strategic planning of the SEPP59 lands at Eastern Creek (including the application of the strategic management model to subsequent development precincts including salvage projects at the M7 Hub and Eastern Creek Precinct 3).
In 2005, 2006 I co-wrote the scientific values report to Department of Environment & Heritage in relation to the Dampier Archipelago WA National Heritage List (NHL) nomination, undertaking detailed analysis of the engraving sites as part of this reporting process. I have since been involved in the assessment of Outstanding Universal Values of the Dampier Archipelago - for World Heritage Listing.
Extensive field and research experience has been obtained in South Australia (1982, 1985, 2000), Queensland (1985-1987) the Northern Territory (1986) and Western Australia (2000- now). I completed my PhD thesis in November 1994.
The Centre for Rock Art Research and Management works collaboratively with Indigenous communities and Industry to ensure best practise rock art research and heritage management.
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