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Joe Dortch
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0428 601 008
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Dortch Cuthbert
BA (Hons, Archaeology), University of Southampton 1991 PhD (Archaeology), University of Western Australia 2001
Anywhere; anytime
Full Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. Member, Australian Archaeological Association Inc. (current President). Member, Australasian Quaternary Association. Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, University of Western Australia. Research Associate, Western Australian Museum.
Thirty years field experience in Australia, France, UK and USA. Principle consultant on c.200 consultancy projects in Australia since 1993. Extensive experience in directing large and small-scale area surveys and site assessments for community, industry, and government. Extensive experience in directing small and large-scale excavations in rockshelters, open sites and urban contexts. Experience in identification of biotic remains (animal bones, plant macrofossils) Experience in training community members and corporate clients in field techniques and in heritage issues. Excellent knowledge of archaeological research in southwest Australia and experience in working with Nyoongar/Noongar communities across southwest Australia.
Publications are centred on environmental archaeology and Indigenous land management. For details see:
Archaeology of Indigenous Australia. Excavation. Survey. Analysis of organic remains and palaeo-environmental reconstruction Corporate and community training: cultural heritage awareness, field techniques Mapping and cartography Lithic analysis Archaeology of southwestern Australia
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