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Karen Kapteinis
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As a Heritage Advisor, Karen has more than 10 years’ experience in the Victorian cultural heritage industry. During this time, she has contributed to over 100 Cultural Heritage Management Plans. Karen specialises in geoarchaeological investigations of Aboriginal archaeological sites, and has an interest in the post-depositional processes which have contributed to their formation.
Kapteinis, K., K. Whitewood & M. Dowdell, 2018. Monash Freeway Upgrade: Narre Warren to Officer. CHMP 15501. Unpublished report to Major Road Projects Authority.Kapteinis, K., K. Whitewood & P. Schell, 2018. Residential Subdivision: 805 Donnybrook Road & 55 Springs Road, Donnybrook. CHMP 15349. Unpublished report to 805 Blueways Pty Ltd.Kapteinis, K. 2018. Thompsons Road Duplication, Cranbourne East: Site Compound & Drainage Works. CHMP 15351.Murphy, A. & Kapteinis, K. 2017. Grasmere Creek Realignment. CHMP 15099. Murphy, A. & Kapteinis, K. 2017. 398-400 Nepean Highway, Frankston. CHMP 15098.Murphy, A., Rymer, T. & Kapteinis, K. 2017. Bushfire Powerline Replacement Project LRP16-05 Chaplins Creasy. CHMP 14663.Murphy, A., Thomson, S. & Kapteinis, K. 2016. Industrial Subdivision 241 Perry Road, Keysborough. CHMP 13771.
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