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Nigel Tonkin

For the past 17 years I have followed my passion in learning and understanding cultures and heritage. I have pursued and enjoyed a career in various cultural heritage professional engagements from project manager to leading heritage research and excavation projects in remote areas. These roles were undertaken in the Cultural Heritage Resource Management as part of broader Project Management/Development, and Community Engagement sectors. From these experiences I have accumulated both a broad and refined knowledge base, with expertise in supervising and working in heritage and environment resource management, inclusive of both the tangible and intangible heritage.
My acquired knowledge and expertise have been applied to project management, task coordination, and supervision of multiple teams (often running simultaneously across multiple work fronts) mapping and understanding heritage. Teams ranging in size from 4 up to 20+ personnel in both office and remote environments. These surveys have been undertaken on both large and small-scale construction and land development projects. Whilst my approach is always mindful of the integration of proponent/company values, policy(s) and procedures, it is focused on recognition of cultural heritage knowledge development, values and management.
Over the course of my career the primary tasks have been (but not limited to):
• Conduct of all facets of Cultural Heritage Resource (places and objects) assessment and management.
• Develop suitable research designs, project manage site investigations and supervise work programs and data analysis programs.
• The budgeting implementation, conduct, audit, and reporting of/for multifaceted research and work programs.
• Undertaking of Heritage Impact assessments and the subsequent development of risk management strategies.
• Community Consultation (Social Impact, Cultural Heritage Management and Employment opportunities),
• Stakeholder Engagement (including but not limited to Indigenous community representatives, Project developers, Industry Practitioners, and Government Departments/Agencies),
• Facilitate and present heritage investigation information and results at Stakeholder, Community representative and Project Planning meetings,
• Coordinate work programs in preparation of and including submission of government approvals,
• Contribute to the development, drafting, and subsequent compliance with Native Title Agreements (indigenous community relations) and Heritage (Task and work Order contracts) Agreements conditions, with reference to Contract development, work review and implementation.
Integral to successful operating in the multicultural and community engagement environments has been the development of cross-cultural understanding, cultural intelligence and awareness of/to the sensitivities often encountered when working cooperatively with peoples of varying backgrounds. This experience has enabled me to refine my communication skills to liaise with representatives of multifaceted stakeholder groups to ensure a positive, mutually beneficial relationships. At the same time, working towards the safe completion of proposed projects and their appropriate management strategies in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.

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5 Halkin Place
Hamilton Hill
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2000-2003 James Cook University Townsville, QLD, Post Graduate - Major in Archaeology. BA (Hons) Thesis (15-18k words): Ghost Ports – The socio-economic development of the Ports and Harbours of North Queensland 1860-1910. Professional Training & Certification(s) Associate in Project Management (APM) – Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM), 2020 Master Project Manager (MPM) – The American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) – 2020 Professional in Project Management (PPM) – Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM), 2021
All States and regions as required
AAA – Australian Archaeological Association AACAI – Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologist INC (Full Member) AAPM – American Academy of Project Management FAAPM – Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management
17 years
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