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Robyn Jenkins

Robyn has over 17 years experience in the broader Cultural Heritage industry in Australia and Papua New Guinea. In recent years she has primarily worked in remote locations having been based in Dampier, Pilbara, Western Australia and Cloncurry, North West Queensland.

Robyn commenced her career working for Queensland South Native Title Services as a Researcher (Anthropology). This role involved undertaking archival, genealogical and historical background research for Native Title claims. She then was based in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane working as a heritage consultant across all states in Australia. She gained extensive experience working for multiple clients including road, rail, mining and water companies to undertake archaeological or anthropolgoical assessments (including surveys, excavation and reporting). In addition, she learned critical construction knoweldge and project management skills with these projects.

Robyn has been able to steadily build her team leadership and logistics co-ordination capabilities. During her time at the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) in Cloncurry, Qld she acted for long durations as the Manager (Technical Services). This involved actively supporting a team with a range of skill sets including heritage, environment and design to deliver the road project outcomes for the district. In Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO), WA she was part of the lead team, driving multiple changes within the Heritage and Traditional Owner Partnership space. This included a shift in approach to identifying and managing cultural values, changes in engagement with Traditional Owners by working towards co-design and informed consent, increasing resourcing internally and actively developing a changed approach to cultural heritage management. This has recently been further enhanced through her role as a Heritage Engagement Specialist at Everick Heritage where she was was based in Toowoomba. In this role she has supported Traditional Owner groups to build their strategic plans, oral history recording and supporting companies to build their heritage strategy.

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RJ Heritage
Bachelor of Arts (University of Southern Queensland) 2004 Bachelor of Social Science Honours in Archaeology (University of Queensland) 2006 Graduate Certificate (Human Resource Management) (University of New England) 2019 Certificate IV in Workplace Heath and Safety Certificate IV in Project Management Practices Lead Auditor Certificate BSBAUD411, 511, 512 and 513 (part of the BSBS00128) Change Management Certificate Certificate in Genealogy
Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria
Member, Australian Archaeological Association Member, ICOMOS
RJ Heritage, Director (Heritage) (July 2023- present)
Everick Heritage, Heritage Engagement Specialist (April 2022 – May 2023)
Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Lead Heritage Management/Superintendent, Dampier WA (Oct 2019 – April 2022)
Department of Transport and Main Roads, Senior Cultural Heritage Officer (North Qld Regional Lead), Cloncurry and Maroochydore QLD (May 2014- Oct 2019)
Jacobs (formerly Sinclair Knight Merz), Senior Archaeologist and Team Lead, Melbourne Vic and Brisbane Qld (Nov 2007 –Jan 2011, Nov 2011 – March 2014)
Sub-consultant, WA (various consultancies) (2011)
PNG LNG Project, Excavation Director, Port Moresby PNG (Oct 2009 – March 2010)
Queensland South Native Title Services, Brisbane Qld (Oct 2006 – Nov 2007)
2006 From Midden to Sieve: The Impact of Differential Recovery and Quantification Techniques on Interpretations of Shellfish Remains in Australian Coastal Archaeology
Engagement and Negotiation
Change Management
Aboriginal Archaeological fieldwork and excavation
Leadership and Human Resource Management
Large-scale logistics field management
Cultural Heritage Management Plans
Reporting, review and critical analysis
Compliance and Governance advice
Planning & Implementation
Project Coordination & Management
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