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Roark Muhlen-Schulte
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0408 388 911
PO Box 618
South Yarra
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BA History (First Class Honors)
Anywhere in Australia tSpecialist skills and experience in ttWA, QLD, VIC and NT
Member of Australian Archaeological Association IncnMember of the Australian Anthropological SocietynFull member of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists
Roark graduated from ANU in 1983 (with Honors), and has extensive experience in Indigenous Australian pre-history, archaeology and anthropology. Roark has undertaken comprehensive fieldwork in Northern Territory - Simpson Desert, Daguragu (Wave Hill : Victoria River), Mistake Creek, East Tanami and Harts Range: North West Western Australia - Bungle Bungles, Great Sandy Desert and Pilbarra : Queensland - Roma, Curtis Island and the Gold Coast: Victoria - North East (Australian Alps) and South West.
Roark has over 30 years archaeology and anthropology experience particularly working with Australian Indigenous communities. Roark has undertaken numerous cultural heritage assessments for government agencies (e.g. Parks VIC, Queensland State Government and Alpine Shire) private sponsors (Arrow Energy, SANTOS, and Fortescue) and Indigenous Groups (Jabree Ltd, Central Land Council and Northern Land Council) and private investors and proponents of development projects in Queensland and Victoria.
Roark has skills in project management; consultation with Aboriginal communities; desktop research; report writing; predictive modelling; site recording; complex and standard archaeological assessments and co-ordination of field staff to produce comprehensive reports in a timely manner.
Whilst Roark works primarily as an Archaeological consultant, he has worked as an Anthropological consultant to a number of Aboriginal organisations and commercial clients in site identification, native title and land claim casework.
Recent anthropological consulting work includes a survey and documentation of 'intangible' cultural heritage, associated with the SW VIC pipeline & power station (Shaw River � Victoria); and work with the Gold Coast Native Title applicants (Jabree Ltd) and PCCC (Port Curtis Coral Coast) Aboriginal Native Title Applicants.
Roark has recently established and manages the ALICH Group - a heritage consulting business specialising in providing Aboriginal archaeological and anthropological advice to private and public sector clients. The ALICH Group brings together a number of professionals who are also able to provide clients a comprehensive suite of services in heritage architecture and community and economic development.
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