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Tessa Boer-Mah
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Heritage Now
BA (Hons) MPhil University of Sydney
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With two decades in heritage consulting, Tessa has a strong track record in delivering heritage projects. She communicates well with Indigenous stakeholders, clients and regulators to provide the best project outcomes.

2019-Present: Principal Heritage Consultant - Heritage Now Pty Ltd
2012-2019: Cultural Heritage Manager - RPS
2010-2012: Senior Archaeologist - RPS
2007-2010: Project Archaeologist � AMBS
2004-2007: Consultant Archaeologist - Freelance
2003: Project Archaeologist � Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy Archaeological Consultants
1999-2002: Consultant Archaeologist - Freelance
Boer-Mah, T. (2009). The Material Culutre: Stone Adzes. In the The Origins of the Civilization of Angkor, Volume 3, The Excavation of Ban Non Wat: Introduction. C.F.w Higham and A. Kijngam, Bangkok, The Thai Fine Arts Department: 187-196 Boer-Mah, T. (2008) Reduction and Adze Form: Ground Stone Adzes from Ban Non Wat, Northeast Thailand. Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association 28:44-51Ward I.A.K, R.L.K. Fullagar, T. Boer-Mah, L..M. Head, P.S.C. Tacon and K. Mulvaney (2006) Comparison of sedimentation and occupation histories inside and outside rockshelters, Keep River Region, Northwestern Australia. Geoarchaeology 21 (1): 1-27
Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs)
Archaeology and Excavation
Survey and Recording
GIS and spatial modelling
Project Management
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