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Tory Stening
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Unearthed Archaeology & Heritage Pty Ltd
Bachelor of Arts, Macquarie University; Master of Arts (Archaeology), University of New England
Australian Archaeological Association (AAA): Member; Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. (AACAI): Full member; Australasian Society of Historical Archaeology (ASHA): Member; International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS): Full member; Australian Institute of Maritime Archaeology (AIMA): Member; World Archaeological Congress (WAC): Member
Tory Stening is a qualified archaeologist with over 15 years' experience in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal archaeology, heritage and cultural heritage management. She is highly experienced in all aspects of archaeology and heritage including survey, assessment, significance assessment, monitoring, testing and excavation. She is highly qualified at preparing Aboriginal due diligence assessments, Aboriginal archaeological assessments, historical archaeological assessments, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Reports (ACHARs) and other archaeological and heritage related reports. Tory has a thorough and detailed understanding of heritage legislation and planning legislation, policies and procedures in New South Wales and Australia. Her extensive experience includes the preparation of heritage assessment reports, archaeological assessment reports, Statements of Heritage Impact and Conservation Management Plans. She possesses the detailed knowledge required to provide practical and achievable management recommendations for projects of any size in any part of NSW. She has developed a specialist knowledge in relation to archaeological deposits, heritage items, cultural landscapes and built heritage. She has trained in the conservation of historic buildings and works closely with property owners and developers to ensure that best practice outcomes are achieved. Tory has developed a specialist expertise in the identification and analysis of Aboriginal lithic (stone) artefacts. She has developed a detailed understanding of the process of stone tool manufacture and is highly experienced in the cataloguing and analyses of Aboriginal stone tools. In 2011, she was invited to Brown University, an Ivy League school in Providence, Rhode Island, to present a paper at a conference titled “Everybody Made Stone Tools: Exploring Methodology in Lithic Analysis” based on her own lithic analyses. She has a Master of Arts (Archaeology) from the University of New England. Her Master’s thesis, titled From the Ground Down: A typological and technological analysis of a lithic assemblage from an Aboriginal site in central New South Wales, was an analysis of a stone tool assemblage excavated at Cowra. Tory also worked on community outreach for an Australian documentary, Lake of Scars. Lake of Scars is a film exploring scarred trees, middens and stone scatters at one site in Victoria and the people working to conserve and protect these objects.
Lithic Analysis Aboriginal archaeology and cultural heritage Historical archaeology Heritage
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