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Vicky Winton
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Breakaway Heritage Projects Pty Ltd
* 2003 - D.Phil. (Oxon) � A study of Palaeolithic artefacts from selected sites on the Deposits mapped as Clay-with-flints of southern England, with particular reference to handaxe manufacture* BA Hons (Oxon) � Archaeology and Anthropology (2.i)* Senior First Aid and 4WD training kept up to date
Western Australia
Member, Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists nMember, Australian Archaeological Association
Director, Breakaway Heritage Projects Pty Ltd, 2013-present
Staff at Big Island Research Pty Ltd, 2015-present
Senior Archaeologist and Project Manager at Eureka, UWA 2008-2013.
Winton, V., Brown, V., Leopold, M., D’Ovidio, B., Yusiharni, E., Carson, A., and Hamlett, C. (accepted) The first radiometric Pleistocene dates for Aboriginal occupation at Weld Range, inland Mid West, Western Australia. Australian Archaeology 82Scadding, R., Winton, V., Brown, V., (2015) An LA-ICP-MS trace element classification of ochres in the Weld Range environ, Mid West region, Western Australia. Journal of Archaeological Science 54: 300-312.Winton, V., Brown,V., Twaddle, J., Ward, I., Taylor, N. (2014) A mid- to late Holocene sequence from Weld Range, Mid West Western Australia, in local, regional and inter-regional context. Australian Archaeology 79: 203-215.Byrne., C., Dotte-Sarout, E., Winton, V., (2013) Charcoals as indicators of ancient tree and fuel strategies: An application of anthracology in the Australian Midwest. Australian Archaeology 77: 94-106.Winton, V. (Accepted subject to revisions) A Surface Artefact Scatter and Late Holocene hearths at Gail's Cave, Zebra River Gorge (ZR3), Tsaris Mountains, Namibia. South African Archaeological Bulletin.Winton, V., Brown, V., and Cameron, R., (2010) Mind the Gap: Recent Results of Survey for Aboriginal Archaeological Sites in the Weld Range, Murchison Region, Western Australia. Antiquity Project Gallery 84 (325):, V. (2006) An Investigation of Acheulian knapping skill development in the manufacture of Palaeolithic handaxes. In Roux, V. and Bril, B. (eds). Stone Knapping : the necessary conditions for a uniquely hominid behaviour. McDonald Institute Monograph Series, Cambridge. (Actes du workshop de Pont-a-Mousson, 21-24 novembre 2001): 109-116Winton, V. and Walkington, H. (2006) A left-hander handaxe from Upperton, near Watlington, Oxfordshire and its Geological Context. Oxoniensia LXX: 1-8.Brooks, N., Clarke, J., Crisp, J., Crivellaro, F., Jousse, H., Markiewicz, E., Nichol, M., Raffin, M., Robinson, R., Wasse, A., Winton, V. (2006) Funerary sites in the 'Free Zone', Report on the second and third seasons of fieldwork of the Western Sahara Project. Sahara 17: 73-94.Haour, A., Winton, V., Ide, O., Rendell, H., and Clarke, M. (2006). The Projet SAHEL 2004: The archaeological sequence in the Parc W, Niger. Journal of African Archaeology, 4 (2): 299-315.Winton, V., Haour, A and Ide, O. (2005) The Projet SAHEL 2004: Preliminary review of new work in the Parc W, Niger. Nyame Akuma 64: 50-54.Winton, V. (2004) A study of Palaeolithic Artefacts from Selected Sites on Deposits Mapped as Clay-with-flints of Southern England with Particular Reference to Handaxe Manufacture. British Archaeological Reports British Series 2004 360, Archaeopress: Oxford.Haour, A., and Winton, V. (2003) A Palaeolithic Cleaver from the Sahel: freak or fact? Antiquity Vol. 77 No. 297: Project Gallery Web page Scott-Jackson, J. E. and Winton, V. (2001) Recent Investigations at Dickett's Field, Yarnham's Farm, Holybourne, Hants. In Milliken, S. and Cook, J. A Very Remote Period Indeed. Papers on the Palaeolithic presented to Derek Roe. Oxbow Books: Oxford, 214-222.
Lithic artefact analysis
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